Busy minds shouldn’t waste time reinventing the wheel

Assessing and linking with relevant vendor APIs is indeed time-consuming, but we keep doing it to improve our own systems.

We also wish to share the fruits of our labor, so get in touch to integrate EV chargers and heating suppliers – with just a few simple moves through our API.

Link up with relevant vendors
focus on impactful loads
access and control signals
build business cases quickly

Spend time and focus on features, eliminate taxing tasks

We enable easy API-integration with your platform; simplifying prototype ventures and drastically reducing time-to-market.

Saving resources for actual feature development is key to building a healthy business. We want to be a stepping stone for others, so that we’re all pulling in the same sustainable direction.

Using our own service ensures its healthiness and expansion

We aim for an all-in-one comprehensive API, and since we use it ourselves, we’re incentivized to keep it maintained and growing.

Well-documented and user-friendly: We spend time making the API as smooth as we can, as both an internal tool and as a stand-alone service for others.

Taking on the heavy-hitters first

There are many ways of choosing which vendors to prioritize. We made a choice early on to start out with controlling a building’s heaviest loads.

That is EV charging and – inevitably – heating systems. Water heaters, panel and underfloor heaters, heat pumps, and the like.

Access to all appliance data, and every control to operate the systems

Some services rely on insight alone to provide end-users with value. A use case that matches perfectly with our integration API.

But most consumers wish to do more with the systems they integrate with; which is why our API is built around endpoints for controlling appliances as well.

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