Realtime energy data: the key to smarter savings

Delivery charge reform turned smart control on its head, and real-time data is now key to avoiding costly peaks in time. We provide our unique HAN-device along with the necessary service package to increase knowledge and customize alerts – leading to customer satisfaction and a greener future.

live consumption through HAN-data
High-resolution & easy-access usage history
custom alerts and webhook framework
Fully compatible with our other control systems

Build value – outwards from a building’s heart

Once we considered our HAN-reader beyond the obvious curiosity-indulging value, we found that reading a building’s energy live was the perfect cure for costly peaks.

Especially when pairing insight with consumption history – allowing for pattern detection and predictions. A natural companion was an alerts framework for implementing notifications smoothly.

Change equals new opportunities

With the new delivery charge, you pay more if you use a lot of electricity at the same time, and the more you use, the costlier it gets. That makes it risky shifting all consumption towards time periods of lower spot price.

The good news is the major savings that now can be made on new delivery charge fees, and that electricity companies can help people to do so.

Lower bills just from insight

To reduce a delivery charge bill, consumption has to be leveled out, with the energy total for each hour kept below a certain limit. This is achieved by knowing the end user's live energy consumption – provided by our HAN reader.

That’s how we make significant savings possible, by not controlling energy-demanding loads blindly, but instead basing it on actual, live consumption.

The industry-leading HAN-device

Real-time energy data is key to value creation from delivery charge. Our very own patented metering device easily connects to a customer's HAN-port, requiring no external power supply.

With two different types, customers can choose a reader that either uses local WiFi or mobile networks (4G), depending on their needs and preferences.