A simple key to smarter energy

Real-time data is now needed to avoid costly peaks before it’s too late. Our unique HAN-device and service package provides knowledge and alerts – ensuring delivery charge savings, customer satisfaction, and a greener future.

live consumption
High-res & easy-access usage history
custom alerts framework
Fully compatible with our other systems

Value from the building’s heart

Live HAN-readings indulge curiosity, but are also the perfect cure for costly peaks. Pairing insight with historical data allows for pattern detection and predictions, and our alerts framework makes sure notifications are introduced smoothly.

Change equals new opportunities

The new delivery charge means you pay more for simultaneous electricity use, which makes spot price optimization costly. Though major savings can now be made on these new fees, and electricity companies can help people navigating it all.

Lower bills just from insight

Consumption must be evened out to reduce a delivery charge bill, with the hourly energy kept below a certain limit. That is why live HAN-readings are essential to achieve real optimization, so that loads aren’t controlled blindly.

The industry-leading HAN-device

Our very own patented metering device easily connects to a customer's HAN-port, requiring no external power supply. With two different types, customers can choose a reader that either uses local WiFi or 4G networks, depending on their preferences.