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Hark uses live data, integrations and analytics to optimize power consumption – generating savings for both businesses and consumers.
The hark platform

Seamless energy smartness

The full package combines all our services and control systems, to achieve automated optimization of high-demand loads. Live adjustments avoids costly peaks and maintains safety and comfort.

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EV optimization gets even smarter

We lead the way

Our EV service integrates every available vendor, and offers charging by both spot price and energy charge. Easily access all vehicle data and charging controls, through our API or white-label web app.

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essential real-time readings

Stay alert with live insight & control

Real-time HAN-data reveals a household’s energy use, and detailed historical data allows for pattern detection and predictions. A custom alerts framework helps implement notifications smoothly.

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Delivering all the right vendors

An ever-expanding API for connecting appliance vendors with your app or platform. We prioritize the high-demand loads – and focus on making an easy-to-use control interface.

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Every structure at your fingertips

Our database includes price structures for both the private sector and more complex ones in the business segment. And of course; we continuously update the database, and keep track of all changes so that you won’t have to.

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comprehensive cost-reduction

Savings for all stakeholders

Our systems use every relevant variable to achieve energy- and cost-reduction with little input required. Live data and integrations optimize high-impact loads to even out consumption.

Optimized EV charging

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Charge by Spot price & Energy charge

Live data & notifications

real-time energy use & high-res history

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API for integrations

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Appliance status & control signals

Delivery charge database

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