Smart charging on a whole new level

Charging an electric vehicle by spot price variables alone isn’t really smart charging. We also include energy charge (and compatibility for capacity charge) to achieve optimum savings.

Our smart charging is available through direct API-integration or our customizable webview solution.

The triumph of others is our baseline

Our smart charging isn’t just spot price optimization; powering electric vehicles can certainly be done even smarter.

By adding a simple layer of energy charge rates to the calculation, we aim to make the smartest charging plans possible - while still adapting live to other price determinants.

Hard cap on capacity charge

One of the primary price factors of EV charging is difficult to plan for. The capacity charge common in Europe makes simultaneous power usage costly – and with 60 to 15-minute intervals, live monitoring is needed for mitigative action.

Our insight gives end-users warnings and automated tools to stop charging when in danger of passing a threshold.

Flexibility fluent for the future

Shuffling EV charging timeslots to balance power usage, makes up a considerable market for trading. And with that a new avenue for earnings.

We offer a platform fully compatible with flexibility systems and trading - to offer revenue for both provider and end-user.

Effortlessly into any app

With two different paths of implementation, we cater to the specific needs of your company and app solution.

Our GraphQL API makes for a more integrated solution, though it requires more development on your own app. Another path is through our user-friendly webview - ready to go, with a neutral theme.