Our way saves cost and energy

Real-time data and alerts, delivery charge insight, and targeted integrations like heating and EV charging – this is our combined ecosystem for energy smartness. Saving energy should be easy, and not require concessions in comfort or cost.

Electricity – a complicated product

Electricity can be difficult to deal with for end-users, and new delivery charge structures made it even trickier. But that also makes for an opportunity; in offering consumers help, simplification and reassurance while navigating it all.

Right moves at the right moments

Our optimization prioritizes high-impact loads, which makes it more likely to generate savings, and flexible in making split-second decisions to avoid costly peaks. Though we only optimize if we know we can maintain safety and comfort.

Satisfied customers stay with you

End-users have many energy needs, but the vast majority wishes to save money without getting too involved. Our systems are built to function with little input, and wherever needed, we take great care in giving the right recommendations.

Your smart energy platform

Hark helps customers save energy and reduce electricity costs through:

  • Real-time readings from smart meters
  • Updated delivery charge models
  • Integrations with energy-demanding appliances
  • Smart control algorithms

The solutions are distributed by electricity retailers through their own apps. Control signals go via partners in EV charging, electric- and water heating.


  • 4G and WiFi models
  • Plug-and-play – easy setup and no external power
  • We handle logistics and inventory
  • Customized branding: sell it as your own product

Tailored customer management

  • Dashboard – full overview of your HAN readers
  • Customer support – comprehensive training and second-line support
  • All solutions fit easily into your applications with our GraphQL-API

Multi-use API

  • A comprehensive interface – made by developers for developers
    • For integration with customer electricity data and associated services
    • Retrieval of all DSO delivery charge models
  • GraphQL


  • Select authorized providers of energy-demanding loads
    • Heating (water and electric)
    • Electric vehicle charging

    Control signals

    • Alerts trigger when approaching a new consumption threshold
    • Automatic control of hourly consumption cuts delivery charge fees
    • Secure control via authorized partners
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