The complete ecosystem for saving cost and energy

Real-time HAN-data and alerts, DSO insights, and targeted integrations like heating and EV charging. This is how we usher in a new age of energy smartness and satisfied customers: By fusing together complex data and the right connections with control signals and automations. Saving energy should be easy – and shouldn’t require concessions in comfort or cost.

Electricity – a complicated product

Electricity can be a complex product to deal with for end-users. Fortunately, electricity companies have been there to help them understand the cost structures - until now.

Everything changed with new delivery charge structures, and electricity became even more difficult to understand. The end-users are left without the assistance and safety they need.

Making the right choices at the right moment

We prioritize high-impact loads in our ecosystem. It makes development more efficient, and equips us to make split-second decisions in trying to avoid costly peaks.

Making decisions that affect end-users is a sobering task – especially when controlling homes automatically – therefore we are always wary of their safety and comfort, and subsequently consider possible savings.

Your smart energy platform

The Hark platform helps customers reduce electricity costs by combining the right tools for saving energy successfully.

  • Real-time consumption from our HAN-readers
  • Historical electricity consumption
  • Updated delivery charge models
  • Integrations with energy-demanding appliances
  • Smart control algorithms

The solutions are distributed by electricity retailers that integrate them into their own apps. Control signals go via our approved partners for demanding loads, like EV chargers, electric- and water heating.


  • Simplicity in every step
    • 4G and WiFi models
    • Plug and play - no external power supply
  • We handle logistics and inventory
  • Customized branding: sell it as your own product

Tailored customer management

  • Dashboard - full overview of your HAN readers
  • Customer support - comprehensive training and second-line support
  • All solutions easily integrate into your applications with our GraphQL API

A unified API

  • Made by developers for developers
  • A single, comprehensive platform
    • For integration with customer electricity data and associated services
    • Retrieval of all DSO delivery charge models
  • GraphQL


  • No need to control everything, just energy-demanding loads
    • Heating (water and electric)
    • Electric vehicle charging
  • Select authorized partners

Control signals

  • Receive alerts as you approach a new consumption threshold
  • Automatic control that lowers delivery charge fees
  • Secure control via authorized partners
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