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Make an everyday product a little greener

Sustainable solutions for an electric world

At Hark we work to reduce and optimize energy consumption. The sector needs more sustainable products and services to transition towards a greener operation.

Our technology helps end-users save money on their consumption, while simultaneously increasing customer loyalty for the electricity companies. A perfect win-win in our minds.

Meet our monitor: A real-time metering device that the end-user connects at home, to follow their electricity usage live.

These are our services

We are primarily a SaaS-company, but our products include both a physical product, an app and cloud services.

We sell these to electricity companies as a white-label solution. They, in turn, offer the solutions to their customers, so that end-users may reduce cost by lowering consumption or by moving consumption to cheaper time periods.

What's important to us

Making a difference

It’s meaningful to us to spend our time on something positive for the environment and people’s wallets. With our services, both private individuals and companies may use less of our limited resources. Which is needed to achieve a greener future.

Everyday influence

You’ll get to shape a lot at our company; our goals, workplace and everyday life. We know our people’s skill and worth, and as such offer great flexibility in where and how we work. No one holds all the answers – we’ll have to find them together.

Enjoying ourselves

We believe that productive workdays are reliant on having fun at the office and elsewhere. There’s no strict working environment here and we often prioritize social activities, whether it be afterwork drinks, sauna sessions, painting, or downhill-cycling.

Our Hark experience

Together we create services and products that are brand new. It’s not easy, but that’s what makes it so exciting.
- Ørjan Svendsen, CTO and Founder
It’s inspiring to work with my Hark colleagues. They are deeply invested in our products, are curious, and always have room for fresh ideas.
- Nanna Moland Wahl, Developer
Continuous guidance from our management team is a big plus. It gives me confidence to handle challenges and grow with my role.
- Kari Nerhoel, Customer Contact
I appreciate the flexibility of Hark. I enjoy a freer role here. The company’s size is ideal for having fun.
- Sigurd Gartmann, Developer

Shall we talk?

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